Consultancy service, purchase, accounting and processing

Close the precious metal cycle with us

If you are looking for an honest and fair recycling partner for your used catalytic converters or other precious metal materials, you have came to the right place. Starting with our consultancy service, over material acquisition, right to accounting and processing, we offer transparent procedures and reliable services. To that end we employ highly experienced, qualified staff and effective technology.

Worldwide Service

We buy used catalytic converters across the globe. Your contact speaks your language, and takes care of everything.

In-house Laboratory

We determine precious metal contents quickly and accurately in our very own laboratory.

Highly Effective Procedures

We extract the maximal precious metal volume from your material.

Flexible Payment Options

You can immediately claim the value of your precious metal at current market price or invest into a precious metal account.

Transparent Processes

We process your shipment at the agreed upon price. All operations are diligently documented.

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