Competence in the recycling of precious metals

You are entitled to the upmost precision

You have every right to demand that the value of your material is determined correctly, for this after all is a matter of your profit. Our laboratory is equipped to carry out two different technical measurement processes, in order to determine the value of your material with the upmost precision. We utilize x-ray fluorescence analysis as well as an ICP-OES- Spectrometer.

For the purposes of analysis, we take a representative sample from every shipment. We pay particular attention to the preparation of each sample, as this is the crucial determinant aspect of test accuracy. Through a series of steps, the sample is ground into a fine, homogenous powder and separated into eight parts.

Precise and transparent analysis

For analysis in the laboratory, the samples are ground into tiny grains. Each bead has a microscopic size of 180 µm, which corresponds to the size of a human cell. The analysis is divided into eight partial tests. We use two of the samples to determine the moisture content of the material. The remaining six are subjected to an x-ray fluorescence analysis, yielding the first precious metal content results. Subsequently, a precise final analysis is performed. In our laboratory we use the so-called ICP-OES spectrometer. During this very demanding and expensive process, the samples are first melted in copper and aqua regia, a mixture of concentrated salt and nitric acid. The solution is heated by a plasma beam to 10,000 Kelvin. The ionized solution thus emits its characteristic radiation, which is measured and used to determine the results with very high accuracy.

You will receive a complete analysis protocol of all laboratory testing. Moreover we hold one sample of each set for reference purposes. Should you wish to archive a sample for personal reference, we would be happy to provide you with one.

Samples for laboratory analysis
Accurate determination of precious metal values in the laboratory on a PC

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