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Rare and expensive resources should not go to waste

Let’s not stop taking care about the recovery of raw materials

A mere 200 tons of platinum are mined as primary resource every year. To obtain one troy ounce (31.1 g), 10 tons of ore must be transported worldwide from a depth of up to 4,000 meters. To obtain high-quality platinum from ore, it is necessary to perform over 150 operations – this method is taking several months. The enormous cost of the whole process quickly clarifies the value of this rare precious metal.

We proctect nature

More platinum from recycling

480 ounces of platinum are obtained by ReMetall from an average of 10 tons of old catalysts. The process from separation to refining, the recovery of platinum as a secondary raw material, is closed in a few days and only a fraction of the energy is consumed.

Advantages for business and the environment

The recycling of precious metals is from an economic point of view not only meaningful, but also usable for additional production. The recycling of precious metals ensures the supply of platinum, palladium and rhodium even in countries poor in raw materials. It reduces emissions, gases harmful to the air and thus protects the environment.

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