Materials – Ceramic catalysts

Recycling of ceramic catalyst

Honeycomb structures with valuable content

The majority of vehicle catalysts currently in use are based on a ceramic core, which’s honeycomb structure holds a catalytically active precious metal coating of platinum, rhodium and palladium: the Washcoat. It is our primary objective to extract the aforementioned materials without residue. Our specialized knowledge, decades of experience and optimized procedures allow for superb results.
Ceramic structures and crushed powder

We cut the ceramic catalysts with industrial sized alligator shears. The precious metal monolith is then broken up and ground into a homogenous powder. In order to prevent even the slightest loss of material, all dust is returned to the processing cycle. We take a series of small monolith powder samples for an accurate precious metal content analysis in our lab. The monolith powder is cast into collector metal in our metal workshop.

Preparation for crushing of ceramic catalyst
Crushing of ceramic catalyst
Ceramic powder sampling probe
Analysis of samples in the laboratory

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